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04 Feb

The components of the piping system in a fuel station may fail or leak, over time due to usage. This can make the fuel metering become inaccurate, which is costly for both the consumer and the retailer. Hence, the importance of calibration of storage tanks and servicing of fuel pumps.

Fuel pumps

Serving of fuel pumps, includes checks, repairs or replacement of equipment where necessary on the following:

  • leakages on gaskets and joints to ensure continuous fuel flow speed (leakages of fuel can lead to safety hazards)
  • fuel filters
  • condition and operation of fuel hose and nozzles.

Storage tanks

Calibration of storage tanks ensures that the amount of fuel supplied to the tank is same with the measurement indicated on it. The servicing of storage tanks includes checks on the following:.

  • Water and sludge build up
  • Operation of valves
  • Underground fuel lines by pressure testing

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