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21 Jan

Tankhead fittings basically include Discharge, Suction, and Vent outlets. Some other tankheads include Dipping points and ATG (Automatic Tank Gauge) outlets. If not well installed, common issues like leakages occur. If leakages are not curbed early, it could lead to more devastating issues like explosion, damage to other equipment and even loss of life.

Below are a few causes of damage to tankhead fittings:

  • Use of unskilled / untrained personnel
  • Use of inappropriate tools and equipment
  • Poor quality checks after installation
  • Use of under standardized materials

Effects of poor installation

As stated earlier, these effects can range from simple leakages to loss of equipment and life. Necessary measures should be put in place to avoid this. Below are some of the outcomes of poor installation: 

  • Leakages on tankhead fitting 
  • Loss of revenue
  • Explosion
  • Injuries or death of personnel in charge


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