Slip On Updraft Vent

  • Category: Pipes, Pumps and Accessories

Price:28500 25000



Atmospheric updraft vents are installed on the top of storage tank vent pipes on underground and aboveground fuel storage tanks. 


  • Directs vapor outward and upward in accordance with NFPA 30
  • Protects the vent line from debris and insects
  • Water resistant rain cap sheds water away from the vent line
  • Slip on design with set screws for easy installation
  • Internal drain channels water penetration out through weep hole
  • CARB 89-12 Approved (1 1/2" and 2" models)

Construction Details:

  • Body and cap: Aluminum die cast
  • Screens: 40 mesh brass
  • BSPT female threaded
  • slip on with fastening screws