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13 Jan

Safety is of essence for the workforce, as the workplace is often presented with a lot of hazard. However, the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is often limited to construction worksite. This shouldn't be the case; because accidents occur anywhere work is executed. Especially places, with slippery floors; where objects fall indiscriminately; sparks/dust are generated or harmful chemicals are used; etc. 

Amongst the PPE used that of safety footwear/boots extends beyond construction workers, to airport luggage assistances, cleaning crews, chefs, etc. KINDOJU keys in with this versatility, thereby present you with a variety of executive / exotic safety boots that pass for both social and business occasions. Their unique features include:

i.      An anti-slip sole: This help maintain balance (gives good grip, especially on an uneven / bumpy surface, or on ladders) and prevent fall. The hardness of the sole prevents the piercing of sharp objects from beneath. 

ii.     A built-in steel toe cap: This protects the feet, from falling objects. 

iii.    A body with non-conductive materials: This prevents against electric shocks. 

iv.    A flexible body: This allows good ventilation and prevents sweaty smelly feet.

 v.     Being rugged but lightweight: This makes it very comfortable to wear. So prevents strains on the feet muscles. 

vi.    Being washable: This keeps the boots clean.

To see our exotic safety boots collections and place orders, please click SafeBoots. Thanks.

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